Guilty By Association—a simple And Visual Rep System

18 Oct 2015 - cecil

Here we have a small thing you can print out and use to track your party’s reputation in the world. Print out a lot, if there is a lot to keep up with. Or draw your own, because this one just doesn’t look that great.

This is how it works: fill in the blanks; the top right blank is for the name of the party or individual who needs tracking. The column of blanks on the left side is for names of the factions or NPCs or whatever you want. As they do good things, or do bad things, fill the smaller squares one by one. If they accomplish something that pleases the faction or NPC, fill in one tiny square, starting with the bottom left square. As they gain favor with that faction fill in each square in a clock wise direction; bottom left, top left, top right, bottom right, repeat when they move to the next large square. The middle squares, the blank ones, are where you write the bonus. The bonus is rounded down. For example; if you the party has done enough cool shit to gain the adoration of a faction to the tune of 10 small squares, their bonus is only +2. Use this bonus to amend CHA rolls, REACTION rolls, or whatever you want. You could even use it as a skill chart in something like social skills; lying, bluffing, trading, etc.

If the party does something to piss off a faction or npc then you fill in the tiny squares counter clockwise, starting with the bottom right square. The, and they get negative bonuses. 10 small squares in disfavor is a bonus of -2. Etc.

If the party does something to negate their reputation, you erase a square. So if they have two small squares of favor with a faction, but they do something to piss off that faction, then you erase one.

Here is a mock up I made: